We travelled to the remotest parts of our planet to meet Botei and Kuja, two men living in true harmony with nature. We followed the rhythms of nature along with eagle hunter Botei and his family in the Mongolian Steppes, then discovered the uniquely preserved traditions of Kuja and his family in the uncorrupted forests of the Ecuadorian Amazon. This out-of-the-ordinary journey demonstrated the extraordinary capabilities of the Trekker, a phone designed by Outdoor Mobile Technology brand Crosscall to survive in extreme climates and environments. 
"Fabien Ecochard - Crosscall - Reconnect with nature - Nature’s Eyes"

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Appreciating our planet and its natural beauty, starts with seeing it through a different pair of eyes. We travelled thousands of kilometers across distant lands to reach the most extreme environments on earth. It's here in the remotest part of our planet, in total isolation, that live the two brave men who became the unlikely ambassadors for our natural world and a way of life that's disappearing. We created an instagram account for each of them. The very first account of their kind, so that they could share their unique lives with us firsthand. And remind us that it's still possible to live in harmony with nature. They've opened a window into their unique world so that we can be reminded of what really matters.  
I'm so happy to be able to share my life with you.  
Because after all, a simple photo or video can open our eyes and reconnect us to a world we've lost touch with.  
I can't imagine a world without this view.  
Follow Botei, an eagle hunter from Mongolia and Kuja, and Achuar from the Amazon Rain Forest and reconnect with nature.

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Nature's Eyes 
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