Men represent 16 million of the more than 40 million Americans who are unpaid family caregivers. Although most male caregivers agree that caregiving is stressful, very few reach out for help; they often avoid talking about their situation with others and don’t feel comfortable discussing the emotional challenges of caregiving. More than half (63%) of male caregivers are the primary caregiver for their loved one, and the majority of employed male caregivers juggle with working 40 or more hours per week.  
New PSAs feature "tough guy" Danny Trejo and use the tagline “Caregiving is tougher than tough," directing male caregivers to for Care Guides and other practical tips, tools, and support. 
"Tougher than Tough: 60 | Caregiver Assistance | Ad Council"

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Lemme tell you about the toughest guy on earth. He does the work of two jobs, but only gets paid for one. He's tough enough to feed the man that gave him a lifetime of nourishment. He has the crazy strength to lift the man that raised him up, without even flinching. That's right. No employee of the month bonus check here. This, this warrior, will always be by his father's side, even if his dad will hardly remember. Good luck finding a gym to train for that. If this guy isn't the toughest guy on the planet, then I don't know who is. Caregiving is tougher than tough.Find the care guides you need at

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Caregiving Is Tougher Than Tough. 
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