Bill Peduto, Mayor of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania has released a new ad for his re-election. Watch and enjoy 
"Mayor Bill Peduto - 'Great City'"

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Mr. President, you say you'll make American great again. Well, Pittsburgh has defined greatness. We got up off the map and grew our city for the first time in 50 years. With billions in new investments, more police and firefighters, job training for thousands of new jobs, and affordable housing in every neighborhood. But Mr. President, if you keep trying to cut healthcare and after school programs, even a Patriots fan like you should know, that won't play in Pittsburgh.  
(Lyrics) Workin' for a livin'

Written Text

Mayor Bill Peduto 
Grew Our City 
First Time 
In 50 Years 
Billions In New Investments 
More Police & Firefighters 
Job Training 
Thousands Of New Jobs 
Affordable Housing 
Bill Peduto For Mayor 
Re-Elect A Good Mayor.

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