"The Search for the Ultimate Crunchy Nutter"

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

I'm looking to crown the nation's ultimate Crunchy Nutter. But who? Him? Her? I want to see your Crunchy a troublesome place! Ooh! Or at a troublesome time! Hmm! Troublesome! Upload your video to this hashtag. You could win this. And the best will compete in the grand final. Because the trouble is, they hashtag TastesTooGood.

Written Text

The Ultimate Crunchy Nutter 
We want to crown the nation's Ultimate Crunchy Nutter 
Seriously, you should turn the sound on 
Send us a video of you eating Crunchy Nut 
in the wrong place 
or at the wrong time 
Hmm troublesome! 
upload your video to #Tastestoogood 
You could win this  
New Peanut Butter Clusters 
And the best will win the title  
The Ultimate Crunchy Nutter 
Because the trouble is 
Crunchy Nut

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