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Hello? I'll just let myself in. Oh, what do we have here? Christie? Ah, yes, there she is. Here we are with the bold stunt fighter, Christie Aarie Emby. While it may appear her as though her life is ordinary, I assure you, her day is anything but. Let's find out just what makes her bold. Christie works with such composure. Her preparation is beyond compare. Her maneuvers are precise. All moments in her day suggest she is a master of the sword. Now it's time for Christie to face her ultimate challenge. With fervor and determination, Christie marches onward to her destiny, where she'll face her mentor. Ooh and this is it! The student becomes the master. Oh! Nice block! Good shot! Oh dear. I never doubted her for a moment. Bold.

Written Text

As part of our ongoing Study of Bold, Listerine is on a mission to find out what the boldest people do in the mornings. 
Today we're meeting an incredibly BOLD sword fighter, Christie Aaria Emby 
The Following Stunts Are Performed By A Trained Sword Fighter 
Do Not Attempt 
Listerine = Bold? 
Bring Out The Bold 
Listerine Total Care

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