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Good morning, Dan. Today we're here to explore the world of one man's search for a life that can only be described as bold. Dan's routine has a special flow, where every detail leads to the next. As if a perfectly woven pair of socks , every strand holds his day together. Without one, his entire day might unravel. From the most aggressive of training to the tiniest of detail, we'll be with Dan every second of the day. Almost every second of the day. And we're back. Just look at that control. Such coordination can only come from a man bold enough to take risks. Clearly Dan is a legend around here. Recognized and revered by all. What's this? It appears as though something extraordinary is about to happen. Competent attire, check. Coordinated risk taker, check. Perfect glistening smile? 

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As part of our ongoing Study of Bold, Listerine is on a mission to find out what the boldest people do in the mornings.  
We're here to explore the BOLD world of professional breakdancer, Dan Dewhirst 
Listerine = Bold? 
Bring Out The Bold 
Listerine Total Care

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