The latest FRAM ads featuring Frampa. FRAM is always a wise choice. Now, some folks need a little more guidance than others when it comes to car maintenance. That’s where Frampa comes in. Frampa is a bridge to the good ol’ days when people maintained what they owned and he’s here to pass some wisdom on to you. 
"FRAMPA - Speakers"

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Can you? 
No. But I can help you. 
He's FRAMpa! You spent all kinds of money to blast music louder than you can think, but you can't pony up for a quality oil filter? Your engine'll thank me. Now you can get back to your robot music.  
They're not robots! They're...Swedish. 
FRAM. Filter out the nonsense.  
It's the orange one, numnuts.

Written Text

FRAM Extra Guard 
Filter Out The Nonsense.

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