The world is not perfect, very, very, very not perfect. But at least there are some people who are working on it. Creating perfect Smartphones like Huawei P10, #Perfect10. "Huawei #Perfect10 in Imperfect World"

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(Lyrics) Be my woman girl I'll be your man Be my woman girl I'll be your man

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The World Is Not Perfect. Very Very Not Perfect. But There Are A Few Very Special People (I Mean, Humans) Who Work Really Hard. To Look At Imperfection And See Possibility. The Invent And Design Perfect Devices. Making The World A Little Faster A Lot More Durable Much More Colorful Closer Stereophonic Stronger Faster Out Of This World The World Is Not Perfect But We Are Working On It. Huawei Huawei P10 | P10 Plus #Perfect10

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