Many say we Danes are one of the world’s happiest nations. So what’s our secret? Living life the Danish way, of course: enjoying a work-life balance, nature and craft and spending time together feeling hygge. Or, could it be that we brew the best beer in the world? Prøbably. 
"Carlsberg - The Danish Way"

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They say that we Danes are the happiest nation in the world. So, what's our secret? Could it be that we find joy in nature? Is it that we keep work and life in perfect balance? Is it that we make time for...feeling all ? together? Some believe the Danish way means searching for a better way. Are we happy because we create beautiful things? Maybe it's choosing simple style over fads and fashion. Or could the secret of our happiness be creating what we believe is the best beer in the world? Probably.

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Probably the best beer in the world. 

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