We're back on TV with our new advert - 'Crab World' which airs for the first time on Monday 17th April. #crabvert 
Our new campaign features a group of determined hermit crabs looking for their perfect property. The shells they carry on their backs have been transformed in to miniature human homes – a cottage, bungalow, family home and even a townhouse! 
"Zoopla TV advert - Crab World (60 seconds)"

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Hey, Jane, you all right? 
Yeah, I'm moving.  
Really? Take me, too! 
So are we moving or what? Seagull! 
Right, I'm going on Zoopla. Two bedrooms, safe neighborhood. 
That one's on Zoopla. That one's on Zoopla. Oh, that one is on Zoopla. 
Really? Are you going to do this all day, love? 
That one... 
No way! Two bedroom, near a good school and the bills are even cheaper!  
Oh, this commute is doing my head in!  
Oh, that's nice! 
Yeah, I found it on Zoopler. 
What's a Zoopler? 
So your place is 350, right? 
With the rock? 
No. Rock stays with me.  
So I turned to my buddy and I said... 
Yeah, what'd you say? 
I said, you're not using Zoopla? What are you, a lobster? 
No you didn't.  
Yeah, but you know, I thought about it.  
Oh, I should've checked the neighborhood on Zoopla!  
How about 375 with the rock? 
How about, you get your own rock? 
Oh, that one's definitely on Zoopla! 
Start your property search on Zoopla.

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