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"TV Commercial – Terms & Conditions :90"

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Attention. We, and by we I mean us. The entertainment loving people of America, have updated our terms and conditions.  
1: From now on, the word television will no longer be defined as that thing over there on the wall. We want all our things to be television things. Phones. iPads. Refrigerators. Heart monitors. OK, maybe not heart monitors.  
2. Our shows and movies, we want them when we want them. So they should go with us. 
You got that right kid show thing. 
3. Nothing beats live. So we want to stream all that sweet live stuff . Like football. Red carpets.  
And yelling. Wait, what are we yelling about, guys? 
4. You know, we don't just want some of our television on this, we want all of it. 
All our favorite shows and live channels. 
Yep. Yep yep yep. 
Even C-SPAN. A valuable and underappreciated public service.  
5. Food, water, internet. We need it to live. For all the streaming and the shopping and the newsing, but most of all, for the this.  
6. We don't just unlimited data, we want unlimited entertainment, like unlimited HBO. 
Can I stop dying now, Mark? 
Come on, man! It's unlimited!  
Last thing. We just want all our stuff the way we want all our stuff. That's not too much to ask, is it? So, who's got this? 
AT&T brings you DirecTV, internet and wireless all on your terms. It's entertainment your way.

Written Text

I. noun: 
That thing over there on the wall.  
Last Thing. 
Entertainment Your Way

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