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"Stuntman - Subscribe to GEICO"

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What's shakin' bacon? It's me, the stuntman, and I'm doing a brand new commercial for GEICO. Yeah, I'm doing all my own stunts for this one, in fact, I'm not even gonna wear any pads. I'm going padless. But let me tell you, it's gonna be action packed, baby. Tell you what, I want you to subscribe to the GEICO YouTube channel where you're gonna find all kinds of behind the scenes video and other exclusive content. But most of all, you know what you're gonna find? You know. That's right, you're gonna find a brand new GEICO commercial with moi, the stuntman. Oh, come on GR, I see you! Come on, it's just a coffee mug, I'll give it back, buddy!

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The Grim Reaper 
The Stunt Man 
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