Coming to Netflix April 28, 2017. 
"Who ARE you?" That's the question at the heart of "Dear White People." Hear from the cast and creators of the upcoming Netflix series that tackles identity, politics, and the struggles of growing up.  
"Dear White People | Featurette: Stay Woke | Netflix"

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All right, y'all. Five minutes left for call-ins. Give me your worst.  
Dear White People? Even you have to admit your show comes off aggressive.  
Dear White People is a misnomer. My show is meant to articulate the feelings of a misrepresented group outside the majority.  
Guys, you know what this is? This is racism.  
Yeah. I thought President Obama fixed all that.  
I know! 
Oh my gosh, there are scenes that, that you know, all of your different friends of different ethnicities are gonna be talking about it like, wait, is that not OK? Can I not do that? Why? 
What is your type, Muffy? 
I'd say I'm a total Franco chaser. If I said I only dated white guys that'd be racist, right? 
Uh, I'm sorry. Is there a secret black Franco brother? 
I had so much fun on the film and so doing a TV show, you get to explore things a lot deeper. 
And then there's... 
CORE - Coalition Of Racial Equality. The only group here invited to sit at the Dean's quarterly student council. 
Don't say The Dean like he's not your father.  
The show is not about the sins of white people. I just had so many more stories to tell and I had so much more to say. It's the lives of these characters that I just, I really wanted to have a bigger canvas with which to explore them.  
I hope that the audience will be entertained. I hope that perhaps they'll be a little awakened, and I hope that they'll laugh a lot. 
Did anybody ever tell you, you look like Wiz Khalifa? 
The show tackles gender roles, it tackles sexuality and sexual identity. 
You're not just a black man, you're a gay black man.  
Are you straight? 
I...really don't subscribe to those kinds of labels.  
It tackles feminism.It's a well-rounded show. 
This show is about people of color, dealing and trying to communicate with a society that doesn't always make a space for them. You know, I would never want to tell audiences that this is how you have to think when you watch a show. I want everyone to take away something.  
I hope people take away that we're more alike than we are different, for sure. They go through the same struggles and daily things that we all go through. And they're just trying to figure out their place in the world. That's it, they're just trying to figure out who they are. 
Who are you? 
I'm the girl you guys are gonna share your weed with. Akumi, your new catch all Asian friend.  
OK, girl! 
You say Dear White People, you can say anything after it. Dear White People, you're wonderful.  
Dear White People, you can laugh at the black jokes.  
Dear White People, thank you for Meryl Streep.  
Dear White People, I know you like fried chicken, too. I do. I do.

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