Follow the journey of one family across the country and across generations. Introducing the all-new 7-seater Volkswagen Atlas. Life’s as big as you make it. 
"The all-new 2018 Volkswagen Atlas | “America” Commercial (90 seconds)"

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My dear family, from the day I arrived, I wanted to see this great country. My last wish is for you to do it for me - as a family.We're all going to make the best of it.  
Yes, we will. 
Love, Grandpa. 
It's gonna be alright. 
I know. 
How did you meet Grandpa? 
Actually, on a blind date. I remember it like it was yesterday. I wish he was on the trip with us.  
Sitting right between the boys in the back of the car.  
Life's as big as you make it. The all-new 7-seater Atlas. With America's best bumper-to-bumper limited warranty. 
(Lyrics) Let us be lovers, we'll marry our fortunes together 
I've got some real estate here in my bag 
So I looked at the scenery 
She read her magazine 
And the moon rose over an open field 
"Kathy, I'm lost", I said, 
Though I knew she was sleeping 
Michigan seems like a dream to me now 
Counting the cars 
On the New Jersey Turnpike 
They've all come 
To look for America 
All come to look for America 
All come to look for America

Written Text

The all-new 
Volkswagen Atlas. 
America's Best SUV Bumper-to-Bumper Transferable Warranty 
6 yr./72K mi Limited Warranty 

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