Teenage Cancer Trust are 2018 Virgin Money London Marathon charity of the year, so the world's best dressed and most charitable man, Russell Brand, wanted to share some advice on how you could look good while doing good, and being a legend. 
Find out more at and sign up to run the 2018 Virgin Money London Marathon as part of our legendary team! 
"Look Good, Do Good, Be A Legend"

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Hi, I'm Russell Brand here in a charity video. You may know me already, 'cause, my charisma, let's face it, is difficult to ignore. But, it's not all about me. This is about you and the Virgin Money London Marathon 2018. We want you to run it, or volunteer for it, you know, give out cups, sponges, you've seen the stuff that they do, for Teenage Cancer Trust. Uh, that went quite well, didn't it? 
Yeah, it was fine. 
But this is, thank you, but this is the... To tell you the truth, it was a rhetorical question. I knew it was good because I was very natural. All right, now we're going to do the real ad. That was just a sort of bit of meta stuff where we comment on the idea of an ad. Now this is an actual ad. Proper sincerity, proper oh, money, do a marathon. This is now a conventional appeal film advert. There's the standard white background with me and Chris coming out of an abyss, appealing to you to be kind, to be compassionate for Teenage Cancer Trust. Run the Virgin Money London Marathon. Yes, run it for Chris, yeah? But also run it for yourself, because if you think of it, you're' going to be filling up your numerous social media outlets - Twitter, Instagram, the one where it disappears and presumably with good reason, you pervert! What's the phrase again? 
Look good. 
Do good. 
Look good, do good. A bit like me, isn't it? I'm doing this, kindness, but it also makes me look good, doesn't it? Like, aren't I kind, Russell, he's so kind. Look at how at ease and comfortable he is with Chris. He's a bit like the new Diana.  
Yes, but come on, come on. Three things, yeah? Look good. Do good. Be a legend.  
I agree with everything Chris has said. Except I would prefer one where I say Be a Legend! Or if we both say it. 
Yeah. Should we say it together? 
Alright. Compromise. 3, 2, 1. Be a legend. 
Yeah, that's better because that's fairer. Be a legend. Just use my one. People are applauding, Chris! Let's get out there and get high!

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Teenage Cancer Trust 
Look Good 
Do Good 
Be A Legend 
Virgin Money London Marathon 2018

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