Travel blogger Moriah Yadon is inspired to take a spontaneous trip to a faraway place, using her Galaxy S8 as her adventure guide. 
"Samsung Galaxy S8: The Travel Guide"

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If you want to be a world traveler, start by, ooh, is that a Galaxy S8? Handsome screen. Anyway, you wanna pack that, your passport and, oh, OK, we're moving fast. To get around the city, take the city bus. That's not a bus. You'll need a tour guide. Apparently not. Don't forget a big camera. Or that phone'll work. Traveling by yourself can be lonely. Aaannd you've already made friends. Huh. Shopping can be difficult if you don't know the language. Oh, nevermind, your camera speaks Spanish. Hold up. Is that a king? Where are you? Oh, the camera knows that too. OK, I guess you have the world traveler thing covered.  
(Lyrics) Yo caí me pare camine me subí 
Me fui contra la corriente y también me perdí 
Fracase, me encontré lo viví y aprendí 
Cuando más te pegas fuerte más profundo es el beat 
Sigo bailando y escribiendo mis letras  
Sigo cantando con las puertas abiertas  
Atravesando todas estas tierras y no hay  
Que viajar tanto pa encontrar la respuesta 
Y no te preocupes si no te aprueban cuando te critiquen tu solo di  
Soy yo  
Soy yo soy soy soy  
Soy yo 
Sigo caminando y sigo riendo

Written Text

Fiesta Del Sol 
Festival of the Sun 
Galaxy S8 
Infinitely amazing 

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