Sure, people have thought about putting real ribs on a burger, but it takes a true pioneer like Carl Hardee Sr. to actually make it happen. That’s right. The Baby Back Rib Burger is here—a slab of real BBQ-glazed ribs on top of a juicy burger, along with pickles and onion tanglers. What’s an onion tangler? All you need to know is that they’re delicious, and they make our new Baby Back Rib Burger taste even better. 
"Rib Joint: How the Baby Back Rib Burger was Born | Carl’s Jr."

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

How do you like the ribs? 
Oooh, good! 
What we should be doing is putting those ribs on a burger.  
Shut your mouth, Ray. 
That's a million dollar idea. 
Ain't nobody want ribs on a burger! What about the bones, tell me about that! 
Take the bones out. 
Daddy, I heard that guy talking back there.  
We should put ribs on a burger.  
It's a million dollar idea. Just take the bones out. 
Hey! What are you talking about? You talking about my idea? 
Let's go. 
Wait! What, hey! Where are you going? 
Somebody finally put real ribs on a burger. It was us.

Written Text

Carl Hardee Sr. 
Burger Pioneer 
Baby Back Rib Burger 
Get 'em while they last, friends. 
Carl's Jr.

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