To afford their daughter's college tuition, her parents (Will Ferrell and Amy Poehler) begin operating an underground casino. 
"The House Official Trailer"

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Oh God, no. I don't want to click it. I'm not going to click it. One of you click it. 
If they say no to you, I say we say no to them. If they don't want my baby, they're stupid.  
I got in! 
When I became a dad, I made a choice, to support my daughter's dreams. 
You don't have enough money.  
It says right here we have $401,000.  
You missed it! 
Uh, that says you have a 401K account... 
Alex thinks we can afford tuition and we can't.  
We gotta lie. That's what parents do. 'Cause otherwise the kids are gonna realize that we don't know what we're doing!  
Welcome. I have a way for you guys to make four years tuition in one month.  
Underground casino! The math...seems to check out. 
Do this math. You're 40 years old and you go to jail for 20 years. How old are you when you get out? 
If I have some scratch paper I can figure it out.  
You wanna make money like Vegas, you gotta look like Vegas. We've got a nail salon, massages. You're never gonna believe what's in this next room. 
Is it a strip club? 
What's up with that kid? 
That kid's 11. He's a fantastic DJ. Drop that beat! 
All right! Mama like! 
Your mother and I will be working late every night.  
I just can't help but feel like you're lying. 
We love you so much. We're so proud of you. But you need to shut up. 
What did you just say? 
It's so hard being a parent.  
There's something fishy going on with those three.  
We're gonna bet on our friends fighting? 
We're a casino! You ever heard of Fight Night? 
Martha wore it pretty good in there! 
They both take the same MMA class at the Y. Ooh! She doored her! 
I don't know why I love this so much! 
Are those women's sunglasses? 
No. They're Italian. 
I feel like a badass bitch.  
I'm not going to tell my daughter she can't go to college. So we resorted to a life of crime.  
Guys, we've got a problem. 
He's cheating! We gotta send a message. Like DeNiro in Casino.  
You think you can cheat us? 
What are you guys gonna do about it anyway? Oh, I'm so scared.  
I'm gonna do this. 
No! I'm gonna do this!  
Hey, hey, hey! Don't play around with the ax! 
Tell your friends if they mess with us, this is what they're gonna get.  
(Lyrics) Money, money, money, money 
(Lyrics) Amazing, amazing, amazing, so damn amazing 
To my brothas and sistas 
Salute all y'all and those I can't get to 
Amazing, amazing, amazing, I'm so amazing

Written Text

New Line Cinema 
This Summer 
All Bets Are Off 
Will Ferrell 
Amy Poehler 
The House 
June 30 

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