What happens when you mash up Randy Rainbow, Margaret Cho, Bianca del Rio and Miss Richfield 1981? An air-mazing adventure! At Orbitz, we believe that no vacation day should go un-traveled, so book a travel deal today and go see this #GreatBigWorld! 
"Orbitz | It's A Great Big World"

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Do you ever get tired of the same old thing, and you want to get out of town? Well, Orbitz has you covered, my friends. It's the travel site that you all know so come on grab your stuff and let's go. Don't sit at home, let's grab a plane and have some fun. 
My friends, I'm telling you we should book a trip, go see this great big world. Like Vegas, or Italy, or even Gay Paree. Just book a flight, choose your hotel. You think your country's gone to hell? Try somewhere else, 'cause it's a great big world.  
It's a great big world. Let's see it all! It's an Orbitz world. Let's have a ball. Just book on Orbitz, I guarantee, you'll get rewards and instantly! So come on with me, 'cause it's a great big world.  
Let's tap. I don't know how to tap.  
It's a great big world. Let's see it all. It's an Orbitz world. Let's have a ball.  
So if you feel like you could use a couple of days away from the news, then come with us 'cause it's a great big word. So come with us and see this great big world 
Attention passengers, only Orbitz let's you earn and redeem rewards instantly!  
Excuse me. Hi! Do you know about instant rewards?

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Orbitz presents 
It's A Great Big World 
Earn Instantly. Redeem Instantly.

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