Arla Cream Cheese only uses ingredients you’d recognize, unlike some companies that use weird ingredients most people don’t even know. For this project, Arla asked kids to tell us what they thought these weird ingredients were, then took their ideas and brought them to life. Find out more about the project at 
"Arla® Cream Cheese: Xanthan”

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Xanthan is a small animal. He has hooks on his tentacles. He has three eyes. He lives on Xanthan. He loves to conquer planets. And his dog doesn't have ears. 
Actually, Xanthan Gum is an additive found in some cream cheese. But it's not in Arla. No artificial additives, no weird stuff. Arla. Live unprocessed.

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Arla Cream Cheese Asked Kids: 
What is Xanthan? 
by Johnny, Age 9 
No artificial additives. 
No weird stuff.  
Arla Live Unprocessed 
See Johnny's project at

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