Arla Cheese only uses ingredients you’d recognize, unlike some companies that use weird ingredients most people don’t even know. For this project, Arla asked kids to tell us what they thought these weird ingredients were, then took their ideas and brought them to life.  
"Arla® Cheese: rBST"

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rBST has razor-sharp horns. It's so tall that it could eat clouds. You may want to pet it, but the fur is electric and then it starts laughing.  
Actually, rBST is an artificial growth hormone given to some cows. But not the cows that make Arla cheese. No added hormones, no weird stuff. Arla. Live unprocessed.

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Arla Cheese Asked Kids: 
What is rBST? 
by Leah, Age 7 
No added hormones. 
No weird stuff.  
Live Unprocessed 
See Leah's project at

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