A tale of two armies with one destiny. Find out more about the dual protagonists, Alm and Celica, and dive into the challenging turn-based strategic combat. Master this melding of modern and legacy Fire Emblem gameplay, available May 19th on Nintendo 3DS. 
"Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia – Two Armies"

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In ancient times, the continent of Valentia was ruled by two sibling guards. Through a divine accord, their kingdoms of Zofia and Rigel maintained an armistice that endured for centuries. But no longer. Both sides subsist in a fragile state and all Valentia can hear the echoes of war.  
Conflict is escalating, yet the heroic few battle to reclaim peace. Raised in a quiet village by his knight grandfather, the fighter Alm leads the Zofian resistance. His swordsmanship and strategic merit will be put to the test on his mission to restore peace. As a child, he formed a close bond with a young girl named Celica. Since then, this princess in hiding has grown into a skilled priestess and swordswoman alike, though her past remains a mystery. Celica is engaged in her own separate attempt to unify Valentia.  
Lead them both, and their armies, in parallel to achieve their goals. Each of these forces offers a strategic mix of characters and classes with many options to explore.  
As you freely navigate the map, choose your battles wisely. Visit towns to stock up on supplies and dare to scour the darkest of dungeons to hone your strategies for the fierce battles ahead. Grid based combat is the ultimate test of a leader's tactical prowess. Pillars of modern warfare, such as paired units and predictable archers, have no place in Valentia. Archers can attack an adjacent space and longer distances than you may expect. They may even counter, so be prepared. In fact, certain weapon types deal more damage to specific unit types.  
The careful strategist must also heed the effects of terrain. Luckily, magical attacks ignore terrain effects, but beware. Leaders pay for their casting in health. Classes, from the powerful Mage to the gritty Mercenary can be updated at these statues.  
Every warrior deserves a chance to grow and change. For one day, their last status may be dead. Units that die in battle will remain dead. Their stories forever ended. Well, in the classic mode of battle anyway. Newcomers can also wage war in casual mode so that fallen units may rise to fight another day.  
Steel yourselves, heroes, for the true test begins on May 19th.

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Fire Emblem 
Shadows of Valentia 
Two Armies 
Available May 19th

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