Starring Sean Bean and Anna Friel, Broken is a brand new BBC One drama by acclaimed writer Jimmy McGovern 
"Broken: Trailer - BBC One"

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Please God, not this time. 
From acclaimed writer Jimmy McGovern. 
You're sacked. 
Can I come and see you sometime? 
You're in pain, but I'll be here thinking of you. And I'll be praying for you.  
This is Britain in the 21st Century. There must be something I can claim to feed my kids.  
You said that you've lived with shame, Michael.  
I can't tell the truth anymore.  
You said that you'd done something worse.  
Broken on BBC One.  
(Lyrics) When I was a child, I heard voices 
Don't you ever tame your demons 
But always keep 'em on a leash

Written Text

Pure Drama 
BBC One 

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