Do you ever experience a moment when your lenses can’t keep up with you? That’s a Biotruth moment.  
It can happen after being on your phone all day. You’re so absorbed in your phone you miss what’s happening around you. You’re on your phone in the shower, at the gym, you zone out during a conference call and you even spill coffee on your boyfriend. By the end of the day, your contact lenses are so uncomfortable you can’t even watch a cat video. Biotrue® contact solution can help.  
Biotrue® solution helps keep lenses moist for up to 20 hours and can help keep you from experiencing a Biotruth moment. Take the Biotrue Challenge and feel the difference, because your contact lenses shouldn’t get in the way of your phone obsession. 
"Biotruth #6 – Obsessed with your Phone"

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

That's good. That's good!  
Very hot! 
Okay, okay. 
Very hot! 
So Karen, are you still there? 
Yes, I'm here, I'm here.  
I got a raise.  
Jump, hopping. Jump, jump, jump, jump, jump. 
Biotruth number 6. Dry contact lenses shouldn't get in the way of your phone obsession. 
Biotrue solution is inspired by your eyes and provides up to 20 hours of moisture. Take the Biotrue Challenge and feel the difference.

Written Text

Biotruth #6 
Inspired by your eyes 
Up to 20 hours of moisture 
Take the Biotrue Challenge!

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