Do you ever experience a moment when your lenses can’t keep up with you? That’s a Biotruth moment.  
It can happen after a long day watching football. You’re on your TV, tablet and phone trying to keep up with the score and your fantasy league. Your quarterback is leading a 4th quarter come-back and you’re about to win. You try to stay on top of the game, but your contact lenses are so uncomfortable you miss the biggest play! That’s where Biotrue® solution can help.  
Biotrue® solution helps keep lenses moist for up to 20 hours and can help keep you from experiencing a Biotruth moment. Take the Biotrue Challenge and feel the difference, because your contact lenses shouldn’t get in the way of staying on your game. 
"Biotruth #5 – Staying on Your Game (:30) - unlisted"

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

The 30, the 20... 
And there it goes! And there it goes!  
My quarterback to my wide receiver. That's what's up. 
I'm dead to rights, bro. 
There's a penalty flag on the play. 
I think I see some laundry on the field. 
In what world is that holding? I'm gonna lose. I'm... 
Biotruth number 5. Don't be defeated by dry contact lenses. Biotrue solution is inspired by your eyes and provides up to 20 hours of moisture. Take the Biotrue Challenge and feel the difference. 
Does it hurt to lose so badly?

Written Text

Biotruth #5 
Inspired by your eyes 
Up to 20 hours of moisture 
Take the Biotrue Challenge!

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