The Whole Story is an app that, in collaboration with The Girl Scouts, Code Liberation and the National Collaborative for Women's History, is giving great women who have made amazing contributions throughout history, recognition in the form of virtual statues.  
"The Whole Story"

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And this is Maria Tallchief. She was a Native American who became America's first prima ballerina. I put Maria Tallchief in Dante Park. 
This is Abigail Adams. 
This is Marie Curie.  
This is Amelia Earhart. 
Now this is Shirley Chisholm. 
And this is Emily Dickinson. 

Written Text

Of 29 Statues In Central Park 
0 commemorate real women 
Of 48 Statues in Chicago's Parks 
0 commemorate real women 
Of 11 Statues in Parliament Square 
0 commemorate real women 
That is, until now. 
Tina Brown 
We're bringing statues of real, historic women 
where only males statues have gone before 
to tell the rest of the story. 
The Whole Story 
Explore The Map 
Let's make history

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