We recently challenged Ricky Wilson, singer-songwriter, TV personality and frontman of British indie rock band Kaiser Chiefs, to spend 48 hours exploring the best Abu Dhabi has to offer. 
"The Abu Dhabi 48 hour Stopover Challenge - Etihad Airways"

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I'm Ricky Wilson and I'm in Abu Dhabi. Now, Etihad challenged me to do 24 activities in 48 hours. I better get on with it.  
This is the kind of vehicle that really gets you noticed. And I like being noticed. Keep it running.  
What a car! 
Go around it on a bike now? Seat's a bit high.  
Let's get wet. Here we go! I'll do it in my own time. Right. Where next? 
Ahoy there! What would it take for me to get on board your yacht? 
Kaisers Chiefs.  
Right, I'm literally gonna be two minutes. I've gotta buy a suit.  
Take me to the poshest place in town.Tea. That'd be lovely.  
We're back on schedule.  
Here is your pizza, Mr. Wilson. 
Thank you. Black Truffle! Time's running out, and this thing doesn't seem to be going any faster.  
God, this is beautiful! Peace, quiet, my own dinner cooked by my own hands. I think that this one's done. Night night.  
Morning! Somewhere around here there's a rollercoaster.  
This is a ? 
I like it! 
Row, row, row your boat gently down the stream. Don't know what I'm doing next. Probably falconry.  
I seem to have scared off the falcon. Stanley? Stanley! 
Wiggle. You got a little wiggle room. 
I give you best price.  
Best price on jacket. 
This one I couldn't miss. Gotta take a selfie with that.  
I feel like a Ferrero Rocher. Oh, blimey! I've really gotta go, I'm sorry! 
Thank you! It's time to party! 
Thank you! Wow. I made it. Bed must be upstairs.  
Can't believe it, all these things I've done. I've ridden a camel, been on the world's fastest rollercoaster, driven around a Formula One track, trained a falcon and now I've been breakfast in bed. Activity 24 in 48 hours. Beat that.

Written Text

Etihad Airways 
24 Activities 
48 Hours 
The Abu Dhabi 48 Hour Stopover Challenge 
#1 Tour a Slingshot 
#2 Race A Supercar 
#3 Cycle The F1 Track 
#4 Ride A Waterslide 
#5 Board A Superyacht 
#6 But A Suit 
#7 Afternoon Tea 
#8 Surf The Sands 
#9 Taste Truffle Pizza 
#10 Trek Camels 
#11 Dune Buggy 
#12 Belly Dance 
#13 Dine In The Desert 
#14 Sleep Under The Stars 
#15 Play Golf 
#16 Ride Formula Rossa 
#17 Try A Local Dish 
#18 Kayak The Mangroves 
#19 Fly A Falcon 
#20 Haggle In The Souk 
#21 Visit The Mosque 
#22 Gold Leaf Facial 
#23 Party At Iris Yas Island 
#24 Stay At Yas Viceroy 
Etihad Airways 
Abu Dhabi 
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