Everyone has a favorite kind of pizza. Some people are New York–style pizza purists while others are on Team Chicago Deep Dish. Others prefer just cheese while some people can never have enough toppings on top of their pizza. And while our taste buds might not always agree on what the “best” way to prepare and enjoy a pizza is, everyone can agree that the “best” pizza tastes better when served with an ice-cold Coca-Cola. 
"Coca-Cola | Food Feuds: Pizza :30"

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Best pizza, New York style. 
No way! Chicago deep dish. 
No, white. 
Half veggies, half meat.  
Just cheese. 
No! Pepperoni! 
Extra crunchy. 
Has to be gluten-free. 
Top it with arugula. 
No! Basil! 
Dude, really? 
That's not pizza, come on! 
And a Coke. 
Got that right. 
Two Cokes, please. 
My pizza goes best with a Coke. 
An ice cold Coke. 
Only with a Coke.

Written Text

serve with a  

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