When Wendy’s set out to make the best double bacon cheeseburger, there was no way we were going to use flimsy microwaved bacon. That’s why every Baconator is packed with six strips of oven-baked Applewood Smoked bacon and two patties of fresh, never frozen beef. Don’t give in to microwave temptations. Never settle for less than the Baconator.  
"Say No to Microwaves – Wendy’s Baconator With Oven-Baked Applewood Smoked Bacon"

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Hey, kid. You wanna get...nuked? It'll get you nice and crispy, real fast.  
Oh, I don't know. 
Come on. Give it a try! Lots of people are doin' it.  
Hey cool bacon teens. Getting nuked in a microwave isn't keepin' it real. It's keepin' it...wrong! Microwaves might seem like a clever shortcut, but makin' it into a Baconater means getting crispy the right way - in an oven. At Wendy's. Let's check back in with the gang and see how they did.  
Well? How 'bout it? 
No thanks. Getting nuked is for losers. If I start nuking now, I'll never achieve my dreams of becoming a Baconater. I'm out of here! 
There are a lot of ways good bacon can go wrong. Make sure you're always done right. Pound symbol. Because Baconator.

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"Say No To Microwaves"

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