When Wendy’s set out to make the best double bacon cheeseburger, there was no way we were going to use flimsy microwaved bacon. That’s why every Baconator is packed with six strips of Applewood Smoked bacon and two patties of fresh, never frozen beef. Don’t give into microwave temptations. Never settle for less than Baconator.  
"What Wood You Do - Wendy’s Baconator With Applewood Smoked Bacon"

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Hey! Check out what I found hidden under my older brother's bed! 
Dang! Look at all those different woods!  
I think they're used for smoking. Should we try some? 
What's up impressionable bacon teens? Sometimes trying new things can feel exciting. But smoking with some random wood? Well, that's whack, Jack! Because if you're on track to become a Baconator, you've already been smoked for full flavor, with real applewood. Let's see if these guys are pickin' up what I'm layin' down. 
Your brother is lame, Biff! We're already applewood smoked and that's all the smoke we need to make it into a Baconator! 
Yeah, you're right, Benny! Let's chuck this wood! 
There are lots of ways good bacon can go wrong. Make sure you're always done right. Pound symbol. Because Baconator.

Written Text

"What Wood You Do?"

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