With two patties of fresh, never frozen beef and six strips of thick-cut, Applewood Smoked bacon, Wendy’s Baconator is truly a one-of-a-kind double bacon cheeseburger experience that’s deliciously different.  
"Wendy’s Baconator – :30"

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Only Wendy's can make the Baconator. Because while some other guys use frozen beef from far away... 
That's 9,429 miles away. 
...Wendy's only uses fresh beef from ranches close by. 
So we don't have to freeze it. 
Then adds six strips of bacon, cooked fresh in an oven, never a microwave. Topped with plenty of... 
Without a single veggie to get in the way.  
Proving once and for all. 
That only Wendy's has the bacon and the ator to make the Baconator.

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