Meera is a teenager who loves soccer and jokes. She uses TouchChat on iPad to talk with her friends and family, and deliver the occasional one-liner. 
"Designed for Meera P. — Apple"

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Oh, look! Yes! 
Remember when mama taught me to cook a casserole? 
Oh gosh! 
Before, people talked about me, not to me. People now know I have a lot to say.  
Where is another place you've been? 
We have a good team this year.  
I would like to order sweet tea, chips.  
Why did the cow cross the road? 
Why did the, why did the cow cross the road? I don't know. 
To get to the moo-vies. 
That's good!

Written Text

Girl Talk 
Featuring Meera P. 
Designed for Meera P. 
Designed for everyone. 

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