Todd is the CEO of a technology consulting company and a prominent member of the quadriplegic community. With Siri, Switch Control, and the Home app, he can open his front door, adjust the lights in his house, and queue up a party playlist. 
"Designed for Todd S. — Apple"

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

You're Todd, but since we're friends, I get to call you Quadfather.  
Hey Siri, unlock the front door.  
OK, the front door is unlocked.  
Let's go, girl. 
We all got a pen man. We're all writing it down and putting out the chapters, so what's the story about? 
Hey Siri, set business time.  
I refuse for this story to be a bad read.  
Hey Siri, play dinner playlist.  
Have you tried any of this? 
Is it bueno? 
It is delicious. 
I like the jam. I think somebody's here. Yeah you're gonna see tonight, man, you got a whole group of mug's up in the room. We got people! We're all different, you know, ventilators popping off . 
All right, we're gonna gather around the TV so you can give us a demonstration. So good. Act normal. 
Now what's really dope show about those lights, watch this. Hey Siri, dining table lights 25%. 
You got it, Quadfather.  
That's how you do it.  
I feel like it's my job and my responsibility to go down to the valley and to hang with that brother that's in that space. That's just the way you do story. You interact with others and you learn from others. And I think that's really really righteous.

Written Text

The Quadfather 
Todd Stabelfeldt 
Designed for Todd S. 
Designed for everyone. 

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