Ian is an outdoor and birding enthusiast. With Siri on iPhone, he can play a bird call or chat with a friend via FaceTime, and with Switch Control he is able to capture the perfect waterfall photo.  
"Designed for Ian M. — Apple"

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

I am a strong believer that nature is one of the best medicines.  
Hey Siri, FaceTime Todd Stabelfeldt. Hey, T, what's up, man? 
What's going on dude? Where are you at? 
My favorite thing is just the natural beauty of the Pacific Northwest.  
Hey Siri, play Northern Flicker.  
Northern Flicker.

Written Text

Northern Flicker 
Ian Mackay 
Designed for Ian M. 
Designed for everyone. 

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