Patrick is a DJ and producer with a passion for music and excellent food. With VoiceOver, he has the freedom to express himself in his home studio with Logic Pro X and in the kitchen with TapTapSee.  
"Designed for Patrick L. — Apple"

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This is the station to rock you, shock you, move you and groove you 24 hours a day, seven days a week. My name is Patrick Lafayette. So don't you ever forget. It's Chris Mix Radio. Patrick with you.  
To do something for yourself... 
VoiceOver on Logic Pro X. one of the greatest things you could ever do.  
Record. Menu 10 items. Count in. Submenu. Metronome setting. Checkmark. Allow quick punch in. Checkmark.  
Now, I can express myself 
Camera. Picture two in progress.  
There you go. 
Picture one is citrus-printed plastic bottle. 
It's a big thing when you're a father and you want to participate.  
Picture three is garlic powder.  
Picture three is person holding white onions.  
Hi, Daddy. 
What's up, baby? 
Not just make food, but make excellent food, where I see my wife take her shoes off and say "Give me some more!" And my kids lick their chops. They say, "Daddy, that was great." 
I have so much that I've always wanted to express. I'm like a volcano. I'm like Pelee or Mount Etna.  
Arm the track for recording.  
I'm about ready to erupt.

Written Text

Like A Volcano 
Patrick Lafayette 
Designed for Patrick L. 
Designed for everyone. 

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