Andrea is a nursing student and advocate for the disabled community. She uses Apple Watch to record wheelchair-specific workouts and share her victories with friends. 
"Designed for Andrea D. — Apple"

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I have a huge responsibility to be out in the world.  
Twenty more seconds, just like that. Twenty more. 
There's some other little girl who's out there who doesn't see a teacher, who doesn't see her doctors looking like her.  
I completed all my rings today, OK? Can I just, I mean, I did, look! 
How is she supposed to feel accepted or beautiful if she doesn't see someone like her? I have to do my part here.  
(Lyrics) i ain't never been 
I ain't never been 

Written Text

Roll With The Punches 
Featuring Andrea Dalzell 
Designed for Andrea D. 
Designed for everyone. 

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