Shane is a middle school band and choir director who uses Made for iPhone hearing aids in her classroom so she can hear every note.  
"Designed for Shane R. — Apple"

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What's up? Go to class. Morning, Asia. Get your instruments, have a seat. Now, are you going to be able to play today or not, Morgan? All right, guys. Ready to try it? Let's try it. Clarinets, you up? Clarinets, ready? Breathe.  
I love seeing the "I got it" face. When they understand and get something, you can actually see it in their faces. And that encourages me to do more.  
Clean music joke. 
Howard, go! 
We tend to joke around in the classroom. I think that's part of teaching. Let them see that you're human.  
Take notes! 
Sit down! 
I said a joke, not two words! Sit down. 
No, it's a joke! 
That was not the best, was it? 
For homework, the students record themselves playing. I can stream the music from the iPad into my hearing aids and actually, it sounds like they're right next to me. So I can grade it right then and there. Band is a family.  
One! There you go, now try it on your own. 
Once you walk in these doors, it doesn't matter where you come from, you're accepted.  
Woo! Crescendo! Half notes! Crescendo! And that'll be a dramatic pause there. One.

Written Text

Shane Rakowski 
Designed for Shane R. 
Designed for everyone. 

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