Carlos is the lead singer, drummer and PR manager for his metal band Distartica. Using VoiceOver, with Screen Curtain on iPhone, he can hail a ride, take a photo, and get the word out about his band’s album release while keeping his screen entirely black. 
"Designed for Carlos V. — Apple"

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

At first, my motivation was proving people wrong.  
Accessibility. VoiceOver on. Button. Scheduled arriving . Second location.  
We don't want our first album to sound like a local band.  
ETA 10 minutes.  
We wanted our first album to sound like a professional band that's been doing it for years.  
Requesting a ride and connecting to nearby drivers. Finding a ride.  
We're called Distartica and we play heavy metal.  
Turn left onto Empanada Drive.  
Empanada Drive? 
That making me hungry.  
I ended up becoming the PR manager in the band. Like, I didn't get what it was before, then I was like, oh, dude, like hashtag why, hashtag metal, hashtag new music or you know, on this case like hashtag debut album.  
Messages. ReverbNation. Double tap to open. Text field. Dictate.  
Album will be dropping worldwide on April 14th comma, 2017 exclamation mark. Follow our ReverbNation page, period.  
Done. Successfully shared.

Written Text

In Flames We Rise 
Carlos Vasquez 
Designed for Carlos V. 
Designed for everyone.  

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