"Authentic Cajun | 2017 Compass | Jeep" 
Pursuing authenticity means you’d go the extra mile—or 1,000 miles—to find it. Along the way, the Jeep Compass’ leather interior and panoramic sunroof make it easy to enjoy the ride. Nothing that can’t be solved by a passion-fueled drive in your new Jeep Compass.

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In 20 feet, stop for what most people think is authentic Cajun food. 
Recalculating... definitely recalculating. Recalculating. Recalculating. 
In 230 miles you'll arrive in New Orleans to authentic jambalaya, alligator, and etouffee . 
Free, free, set me free 
Set me free, set me free

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Best in class 4x4 highway fuel economy 
New Orleans 230 miles 
Your all new Compass 

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