Established in 2014, the Starbucks College Achievement Plan gives baristas the opportunity to earn a college degree, through the online program at Arizona State University, tuition free. Meet four of the baristas currently in the program. Learn more: 
"The Starbucks College Achievement Plan"

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Going to school, it's a struggle all the way through, and then there's years of paying off that debt afterwards.  
I mean, there's financial aid, but it only goes so far.  
Getting my degree was just always on the back burner. It was all about my daughters.  
But I always heard, you know, I wasn't supposed to finish school. It wasn't in the cards.  
I grew up in a single parent household. With that type of income, college was the last thing to think about. Groceries, clothes, all that came first. I get emotional because it got really difficult. Um, I wanted to keep going to prove to my mom that I can do something that you didn't accomplish, for you. We can do this together.  
Look good? 
My twin sister and I started racing motorcross at 11 years old. There wasn't a lot of talk of college because we were focusing on racing. Filmmaking is a huge passion of mine. I would love to be in the film industry. That's the end goal, for sure. When the program first came out, I was intrigued by the fact that, you know, you can get your degree for free. And you only have to work part-time? It just, it seemed too good to be true. I have the opportunity just to go and film on the weekends, go to school and work at the same time. It's a gift, honestly.  
I grew up in a small town where a lot of kids didn't think of college as an option. It was with teaching dance where I saw that I had an effect on kids. I had an effect on inspiring and motivating people. I do want to go back to my hometown to be that teacher that motivates kids that higher education is a possibility. You can do it. 
It really is full circle. My whole motivation for coming to Starbucks in the beginning was to help our girls with their education. I am in my 19th year with Starbucks and now I am getting my own degree. My daughters, they were pretty excited. My youngest gave me school supplies for my birthday present.  
Three years ago, I wasn't where I am now and that's because of Starbucks. I was just happy I was getting a free pound of coffee a week when I came to the company. Yeah, this is, this is really huge.  
The opportunity knocks on your door, you need to answer it, right? I'd be a fool not to take it. I'd be a fool not to answer the door and let opportunity come in.  
Walking across that stage will definitely fill me with joy.

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barista since 2012 
barista since 2013 
Student loan debt is almost 2x the size of credit card debt. 
$1.31 trillion 
barista since 1998 
barista since 2010 
In 2014, Starbucks & ASU created the Starbucks College Achievement Plan 
giving eligible baristas a tuition-free college degree.  
Today thousands of baristas are enrolled, and Starbucks is committed to graduating 25,000 students by 2025. 
every day you help put a barista's name on a diploma 
Starbucks College Achievement Plan | ASU Arizona State University 
learn more at 
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