The ALL NEW Bacon Cheddar Ranch Crispy Chicken Sandwich. A lot of words, but a lot of sandwich. Only at BURGER KINGĀ®.  
"BURGER KINGĀ® | Bacon Cheddar Ranch Crispy Chicken Sandwich"

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

I can't believe Burger King makes a crispy chicken sandwich like this.  
I can't believe this one has bacon, cheddar, Ranch.  
I can't believe we're this handsome.  
I can. 
If you can't believe the crispy chicken sandwich, you won't believe it with bacon, cheddar and ranch. Try the Bacon Cheddar Ranch or Crispy Chicken. Only at Burger King.

Written Text

Bacon Cheddar Ranch 
Crispy Chicken 
Burger King 
Your Way

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