Watch a Toyota Crash Test Dummy seek out new thrills now that safety features like Pre-Collision System and Lane Departure Alert come standard on many new Toyota models. 
"New Gig | Toyota Safety Senseā„¢ Crash Test Dummies | Toyota"

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I remember the good old times at Toyota, before Toyota Safety Sense came along. Before Pre-Collision.  
Dang it! Ow! 
Before Lane Departure Alert with Safety Assist.  
What the... 
Before automatic high beams. Before all these safety features became standard on many of their new vehicles. Yeah, standard! Which means Toyota doesn't need us crash test dummies as much. So, I set out to find other ways to fill the void. 
Here's my stop! 
One, one thousand, two, one thousand... 
Come on! Throw some weight into it! Seriously? 
One, one thousand, two, one thousand... 
Nothing quite lived up to the thrill of the crash.  
You're up, Stan! 
Be right there.  
Until one day, I finally found something that did. Showtime! The game might've changed, but the player is still the same. Game on.  
Toyota Safety Sense, designed for safety. Toyota. Let's go places.  
(Lyrics) I want the good life from now on 
Come on baby 
I want the good life from now on 
Watch me (?) 
Yeah I'm gonna live like a movie star 
I'm gonna buy myself a big ? guitar 
? a different guy

Written Text

Toyota Safety Sense 
Let's Go Places

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