"VCF - Diva of the Living Room"

A room with va-va-voom. Voluptuous velvet. Sharp chevron. Saturated shades. YOU decide how it’s made. Make it you.

Experience a new world of furniture shopping—where every piece is designed to MIX together, empowering you to make it yours.

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Value City Furniture is now made to mix. So you can make it you.

(Lyrics) I'm the diva of this living room
Mixing old and new school
Antique table for a poker night
Wingback seats for a boxing fight
Vegas bar for a little whiskey
Zebra rug to get frisky
White and gold everywhere
Lounging around without a care
Anything goes for this divorcee
And I don't even look 43

Written Text

Made To Mix
Value City Furniture
Make It You

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