Kill Switch 2017 Movie hits theaters Jun 16th, 2017 
A military experiment to harness unlimited energy goes horribly awry, leaving a pilot with no choice but to fight through an imploding world to save his family and the planet itself.  
"Kill Switch Trailer 2017 Movie - Official"

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If you're joining us now, we are less than a minute away to launch the final generation of Energy Solutions. 
Hey, Donnie! Come stand here.  
How does that thing work? 
See that beam of light? That is pure energy. That is being sucked down into the tower. That's gonna power the whole city here, maybe the whole country. 
Is it safe? 
The disappearance is the latest in a line of reports of vehicles gone missing. Vehicles seemingly appearing out of thin air and sound like ideas out of science fiction. Yet many eyewitnesses have reported these phenomenon. 
What's that? 
We're here. 
What the hell's going on?! 
You jump over, take the box to the tower and jump back in time for dinner. 
I just plug it in? That's it? 
This is Will Porter. The jump was successful. Wait, what? What the hell is happening? 
You are under arrest. Remain where you are. I am authorized to use deadly force.  
Need something that could change the world.  
Two worlds. We have to sacrifice one so the other may endure.

Written Text

The Technology Designed To Save Us 
Now Threatens To Destroy Us 
From Visionary Director 
Tim Smit 
Dan Stevens 
Kill Switch 
Coming Soon

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