Dove Real Beauty Productions is proud to release our first film featuring the story of Cathleen Meredith. The film shares Cathleen's journey as she realizes her beauty through the power of dance. Now, with her group “Fat Girls Dance,” Cathleen is sharing her body positive message with women everywhere, redefining #RealBeauty with every move. 
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I've never considered myself unattractive, I've never considered myself less than because of my size, but I found out very quickly that I was supposed to. I think there's such a negative connotation with the word "fat" but I never saw it as something negative, just something that I was, and I was not negative. I was awesome. Every time I ever dance anywhere, everyone's always surprised, not just by my ability to dance and my skill at dancing, but my energy. And so I started Fat Girls Dance as a radical act of fearlessness that in my opinion shouldn't have to be that radical. We launched it and it almost immediately went viral. There's plus-sized women everywhere who are like, whoa, I've never seen anything like this before and you are helping me deal with issues with my body. Then almost overnight it became about everyone else and it was so much bigger than me. 
When you're dancing on a video and then you see it, you're like, Oh God, I am fat. And it's very strange because you knew you were fat, but you didn't see it the way you see it on camera. So looking at myself, over and over and over again, was kind of a graduation from, Oh my God I'm fat, to, Oh my God I'm awesome. 
I didn't know that I needed to connect to my body. I didn't know that it was a relationship that I was missing. I think I'm gonna cry. I didn't know that it was a love affair that I'd been missing my entire life, because I'd always loved myself and always thought that Cathleen was dope, but I didn't think Cathleen's body was dope. And if I could give that to every fat chick I've ever met, then that would be worth it, because I don't think we know how much we are told that there is something wrong here.  
I think beauty should be fearlessness. I think beauty should be resilience. I think beauty should be creativity.  
Fat Girls Dance! 5, 6, 7, 8. 
It's incredible to watch these ladies go from scared fat girls to, you know, completely amazing warrior fat girls. I think the entire model of what beauty is needs to be thrown completely out, and we need to start defining what beauty is for ourselves. And I think the definition of that beauty is you.

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