When it comes to performance enhancement Cheatalotakov really knows his stuff, which is why he is happy to endorse Sportsbet new juiced up Android app. This thing is a hit with performance enhancement experts all over the world. Everyone’s on it and it’s an unfair advantage, endorsed by all the experts! 
"Android - Cheatalotakov 30"

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Vlad here knows a fair bit about performance enhancement.  
He's no stranger to injecting powerful stuff in the back end.  
In bottom. 
Which is why he loves Sportsbet's new juiced up Android app. In fact, this human pincushion can't stop talking about its unfair advantage.  
I talk. 
He talk a lot. 
Shut face, Igor! 
There you have it. Sportsbet's new Android app is fully endorsed by Eastern Bloc weightlifters. Download from Sportsbet.

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Vladimir Cheatalotakov 
Elite +105kg Class Weightlifter 
Putting The 'Roid In Android 
Download From Sportsbet

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