Emma Bunton (English singer/songwriter; "Baby Spice") talks about the Eco-Friendly Kit & Kin nappies. 
"Why we created Kit & Kin"

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Hi, I'm Emma Bunton. When I realised the baby products I was using had such an impact on the environment, I felt like I needed to do something. That's why we created Kit & Kin. A new family brand dedicated to developing a range of affordable, safe and eco-friendly products.  
It surprised me to learn that in the UK alone, we throw away over 8 million nappies every day. And what shocked me the most was that the majority of each one can take up to 500 years to biodegrade. It's just not good enough, is it Kit? Oh, I forgot. This is Kit, our eco-warrior. And he's here to help make our world a better place.  
So, instead of the usual 500 years, the majority of our nappies biodegrade in just 3 to 6 years. It's amazing! Now, I know what you're thinking. Do Kit & Kin nappies work as well as the leading brands? And I really don't blame you. I've got two boys. No one likes a leaky nappy. So we worked really, really hard to create the perfect performing nappy. One that's tough, comfortable and designed to keep your little one secure, ensuring they stay dry for up to 12 hours. That means we match, if not outperform the leading bio and non-bio brands.  
And because the majority of our nappies are made from natural, sustainable materials, they contain significantly fewer chemicals. So they're super soft and super gentle.  
At Kit & Kin we don't just care about your little world, we care for our big world too. That's why for every 10 babies wearing Kit & Kin, we'll purchase and protect one acre of rainforest through the World Land Trust. These vital ecosystems provide clean air and life-saving medicines. And just look how adorable these designs are.  
So come and join us at Protecting your world, naturally.

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Emma Bunton 
Co-Founder Kit & Kin 
Kit & Kin 
Protecting Your World, Naturally 
A World Of The Future 
8 Million Nappies 
Every Day! 
500 Years To Biodegrade 
500 Years 
3 - 6 Years 
The Perfect Performer 
Moisture Barrier Cuffs 
Sustainable Materials 
Part Natural Absorbent Core 
12 Hr 
Leading Bio Brands 
Kit & Kin 
Leading Non-Bio Brands 
A World For All Of Us 
World Land Trust

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