"Syoss - The Thief"

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My daily commute is a thief, a burglar, who steals away my precious time. A mugger who lies in wait for me. Waits until I'm half awake and then, quite brazenly, robs me of my morning. 
OK, lady. Hand it over! 
Please, no! Not again! I cry, but my commute is cruel. It shows no mercy. It steals my breakfast, my long, hot shower and that priceless me time I need to do my hair. Yes, it takes that too. Heartless. I don't wanna arrive looking like this, I want to stride through the office with a mane of golden fire. I want to turn heads, raise heartbeats, taunt ex-lovers. I want to be...her. There she is again. The mystery girl with the perfect hair. Why is she spared her morning glory? Where is her head of shame? Look at us - lost souls bound for bad hair central. What witchcraft sets her apart from us mere mortals?

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