In Europe 60% of students don’t go to university after high school. 
Samsung makes a teenager live an experience he’ll never forget in order to make him understand the importance of believing in himself and his dreams. 

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You want me to sit here? Um, hi. I'm Michael Sanders. I'm 19 years old and I'm a student. Now that I've got my high school diploma, I'll go and work with my dad at the family business. I mean, it's the most logical thing to do. No more homework, no more maths. Really, my dream was to become a doctor, but that takes at least ten years and it's difficult. And I know that I've got a secure job with my dad, I mean come on, how could I refuse that? The green one? 
Good morning, doctor. Over your 40 year career, you've done thousands of operations. Do you still remember the first one? 
Of course. I was terrified. It was like facing a maths class at school.  
And which patient will you never forget? 
It would be George. Nine year old boy, he had a heart malformation. I'd never operated before on a child. The surgery was long and difficult. When he woke up, I went to visit him and for the first time he smiled. I thought back over all my years of study, those at high school, the years at university, the years of specialization. And then I understood that for that smile, I would have done it all again.  
So, if you look at the past, you have no regrets? 
None at all. Even when it wasn't easy for me. Especially when I entered university. Every anatomy text book made me think about refusing that job in my dad's company. 
I'm Doctor Michael Sanders. I'm the one you could be.

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In Europe 60% of students don't go to university after high-school. 
We want Michael to live an experience he'll never forget.  
Samsung presents 
The Impossible Talk 
Dreams only become a reality when you start believing in yourself.  
Michael Sanders 
19 years old 
Michael Sanders 
64 years old 
Inspiring people to create their future

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