A man is packing his bags, getting ready to leave on a business trip. His young daughter watches as he prepares to go, and is clearly upset that her father is leaving. As he finishes packing, his daughter runs off down the hall. When the man has made his way downstairs, grabbing his keys, ready to walk out the door, he turns around to find his daughter, sitting on her own packed suitcase, ready to go away with her dad. He picks up his phone, uses the new Avis app to upgrade his rental car and add a car seat. 
"Avis Commercial - Travel Partner"

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Introducing the brilliant new Avis app. Book, choose, upgrade or add a car seat with a tap of a finger. Avis. Get our best rates on 
(Lyrics) Grab your coat and get your hat 
Leave your worries on the doorstep 
On the sunny side of the street

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